Cultivating life skills by developing the best possible musicians and music educators through well-crafted performances.  

Lessons and coachings are available in person or via Skype, for trombone, euphonium, and tuba students of all ages. Email me directly for rates and availability.


I have recorded all the SCBDA low brass region solos. These videos, as well as numerous other resources can be found on my youtube channel

Recommended Materials for All Students

Tonal Energy - this is a one-stop-shop app for your smart phone or tablet that includes a tuner, sound generator, excellent metronome,      and simple recording.  It is very inexpensive, and extremely effective.  A must-have for students of all levels!

Cutaway Mouthpiece - When buzzing isn't really about buzzing this is the tool for the job.  Properly used, this will help the student find their efficiency, while improving pitch and resonance.  

Simply Singing for Winds, by  Brad Edwards - Sing, buzz, play!  It is really that simple!  This book is a large collection of melodies that is the perfect compliment to the cutaway mouthpiece above.  Pick a melody, sing it with solfeggi, buzz it softly on the cutaway, then play it on your instrument.  You will be surprised by how effortless and beautiful the sound is!