Methods and Etudes

  1. Supplementary Studies for Tuba - Endersen

  2. First Book of Practical Studies - Getchell &Hovey

  3. Simply Singing - Brad Edwards - Be sure to select the “LOW BASS CLEF” version!


  1. Rubank Treasures w/CD - A large collection of solos of varying difficulty. Includes recorded and printed piano parts

Maintenance Items

  1. Hetman No. 1 light valve oil

  2. Hetman No. 14 Bearing and Linkages - Rotor valves only!

  3. Hetman Tuning No. 7 tuning slide grease

  4. Small Screw Driver Set such as these

Recommended Repair

  1. Mountain Band Repair - Worth the trip up to Etowah NC! I’ve had them work on my personal instruments, they do great work at reasonable rates!

Practice Aides

  1. Tonal Energy - One stop tuner/metronome/recorder combo with features galore that works on Apple and Android platforms.

  2. Bandmate Chromatic Tuner - Tuner app that displays the note being tuned in its correct position on the staff. I can be configured to transpose or display concert pitch. Very useful for young students.