Contrabass Trombone

Joint Commission Opportunity

Now is your opportunity to expand the solo repertoire for our instrument.  We’ve approached composer Kenyon Wilson ( to write a new work for contrabass trombone and piano to be premiered at Ball State University at the 2019 International Trombone Festival


  • Scored for contrabass trombone and piano

  • Style is tonal with four contrasting sections, not multi-movement

  • Idiomatic to the contrabass trombone (using the single-slide in F as the guide, though playable on the double-slide in B-flat)

  • No extended techniques or mutes required

  • Length is expected to be 5-8 minutes


  • Composition will be debuted by Eric Henson at the 2019 International Trombone Festival (July 10-13, 2019)

  • Each first performance by a commissioning member will be considered a “premiere performance”


  • Cost to join the commissioning consortium is $75

  • Members will be listed in commissioning order on the published version and on the website and announced at the debut at ITF


  • January 31st, 2019:  Expression of interest

  • February 10th, 2019:  Payment due

  • March 1, 2019:  Completed composition available

To join the commission, please email Eric Henson at

Current Members

Eric Henson, Augusta Symphony

James Nova, Pittsburgh Symphony

Denson Paul Pollard, Indiana University

Matthew Guilford, National Symphony Orchestra

Shelby Kifer, University of Tulsa

Christopher Bassett, Jacksonville Symphony

Eric High, St. Norbert College

Javier Colomer, Escola Comarcal de Música del Comtat

Charlie Vernon, Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Derek Bromme, University of Minnesota, Duluth

Karl Wiederwohl, MacPhail Center for Music

Gerry Pagano, St. Louis Symphony

Christian Jones, Royal Northern College of Music